Our History

Polín et moi was born thanks to the professional career of our mother, Mercedes Marrero, partner and maximum reference of work and effort. She pursued her dreams by opening her first multi-brand footwear and textile store in 1983 with the aim of dedicating her professional life to the world of fashion.

After a long journey of motivation, effort, improvement and many open stores, we, Víctor and Nuria, decided to follow the path of our mother creating a new project, Polín et moi, which we launched in 2015 full of enthusiasm and with the help of many people.

The idea with which Polín et moi was born was to create a brand with a French and Mediterranean personality capable of offering women beauty in the small details with timeless pieces of softened trend.
But what we really seek with our project is to accompany women in their day to day and make them feel very comfortable with themselves, natural and authentic, because as Coco Chanel once said:

"Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself."

Behind this family project there is a human team that is growing more and more, and that is what excites us the most. To be surrounded in our day to day by people who share our same motivation and dedication so that Polín et moi continues to move forward, growing and reaching more and more people. It is undoubtedly the most beautiful part.

All this we do to get things to you "With care for you". Nuria, Víctor, Mirna, Mariana, Rocío, Sofía, María, Marta, Bea, Inés, Ana, Alicia... we do everything with care and affection, from product development, purchase, design, to the preparation of each package, so that your experience with Polín is unforgettable.





In Polín et moi we feel very grateful for all the help we have received over the years because that has allowed us to move forward, and thanks to many people with whom we have crossed the path we are still here.
Now we want to be the engine of help, we want to contribute our grain of sand in something in which we have always believed: the importance of taking care of ourselves.

This year 2022 we have a purpose, to give voice to actions that promote mental health care. For us, caring for ourselves from the inside is fundamental and we believe that today there are still taboos regarding the subject, fears and insecurities. Our purpose is to encourage people to love each other more, to seek their well-being and also to support organizations that support this by making it accessible to everyone.

Therapy has always been present in our family and has been lived very naturally and spontaneously. We are sure that this project stays together thanks to the fact that in difficult times, we have been fortunate to be able to resort to professional help.
We feel totally fortunate to have been able to pamper our inner well-being with the aim of continuing to grow and mature, accepting ourselves and others. We would like people who are going through a bad time and need support but have no means, to have the opportunity to do so.

To carry out this project, we joined the organization Amalgama Social, in charge of giving psychological help to people who do not have enough resources to access it, either due to long waiting lists, the lack of individualized attention, the few economic possibilities or the inability to seek a private resource. This organization together with NB Psychology provides its services in its facilities with a professional teaching team of psychologists, supervisors, coordinators and social workers.

Through different actions we seek to collaborate through economic donations, but also, making known their name and work through the different means we have, to get their message to a greater number of people who may need their help. Thus also supporting one of the purposes of the organization Amalgama Social, continue to grow and expand its services throughout the rest of Spain.

Throughout the year we will carry out different actions and collaborations with which we will contribute our help to the organization and where we will give you the possibility to collaborate with us in this new project. We will inform you in our social networks and newsletters.

You can find more information about Social Amalgam in this link.

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