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How can I pay for my order in installments?

It's very easy! All you have to do is select the payment method "APPLY ME" at the end of your order and the website will take you directly to the platform to complete your details.

*Please note that it can only be applied from SPANISH bank accounts.

1. Select the number of installments you want to pay in.

2. Choose the day on which you want to pay the installments.

3. Enter your personal details and address.

4. Enter the card you want to pay with.

5. We are almost there!!

6. You will receive an SMS with a link through which you will have to attach a photo of your ID card on the front and back to confirm the financing.

7. You will automatically receive an order confirmation email.

In case the financing is unsuccessful, we recommend you to empty the cart, reload the website and try again. If the problem persists, please contact APLÁZAME so that they can review all the data and help you to finalize the financing: 91 903 30 15

Of course, exchanges and returns of orders placed under this payment method will be accepted. In case of refund, the amount will be reimbursed through Aplázame and from the platform, they will make the calculation to finalize or readjust the financing.