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Returns and exchanges

What is the policy?

How do I prepare my order return?

How can I make a return from Spain?

How can I make a return from outside Spain?

Do you refund the money?

How can I exchange an item from Spain?

How can I request an exchange from outside Spain?

I have returned / cancelled my order, when will I receive my refund?

I have requested an exchange, when will I receive it?

How can I process an exchange and return within the same request?

I have received my order in one location and I want to deliver the return order to a different one, is that possible? (IN RETURNS FROM WITHIN SPAIN)

Can I return several orders in a single shipment (together)?

I’m having problems generating my return label, what should I do?

Where can I return my parcel to?

I want to hand in my exchange/return parcel at a ticket office, how do I do this?

I have received a faulty product, what should I do?

Can I exchange / return a purchase made with a GIFT CARD?

How does the refund through APLAZAME work?