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You can choose the following means of payment:

· Visa / Visa Electron

· Master

· Mastercard

· Apple Pay / Google Pay / Microsoft Pay

· PayPal

· Bizum

· Bank transfer




If you choose bank transfer as your payment method, you must make it within the next two working days and send us proof of payment to Once we receive the transfer, your order will be shipped.


In Polin Et Moi we offer you the possibility of financing your purchases in a simple, fast and safe way.

How can I use Aplázame in my purchases?

1. Once you have put in the cart what you want to buy and you are going to finish the purchase process in our online store, select Aplázame as the payment method.

2. Selecting Aplázame as your payment method will redirect you to their payment platform. There you can decide in how many installments you want to postpone the purchase (with a maximum of 6 installments) and the day of the month in which you want to start paying.

3. Enter your personal data (with your email, your mobile and your ID will be enough), you do not need to register on any platform.

4. When you provide your mobile phone, you will be sent a verification code that you must enter when requested.

5. The process is very fast and the approval of the funding is immediate.

Financing conditions:


· When applying for the loan you will be asked to make the payment of an initial entry. The amount of your loan will be the amount of your basket minus that initial entry. That's the amount they'll fund in the number of installments you choose. For example, a 6-month financing will involve 7 payments, one at the time of granting the credit and 6 payments in each of the 6 months following the purchase.

· Payments are made with the card provided by the customer to Aplázame. Only Spanish credit cards are accepted.

· The granting of financing is subject to compliance with a series of requirements set by Aplázame.



If you have questions or any problems during the process you can contact Aplázame by calling 91 903 30 15 or send us an email to